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Feeling U2
They were "my band" growing up. And they changed. Too much.
Jan 20, 1995
Snatcher of the Tide
Catcher in the Rye, Mark Style.
Jan 22, 1998
Fear Loathing and Lost in Montreal
Lost in Montreal, and Scared Crazy!
Feb 21, 1993
The Landlord from Hell
Meet the Original Landlord from Hell
Apr 21, 1998
The Euro Odd_essay
Europe changed my life. Some bad, some good, some funny. Here's the funny!
Jun 11, 1997
Things I Did as a Kid
A crazy kid - all before I was 5 years old.
Dec 22, 1997
A Night in the Market
The Byward Market sees nearly naked idiots!
Apr 21, 1996
Life and Times at Cafe Wim
My first "coming of age" hangout that was all my own, and the memories tied to it.
Jun 22, 1995
Walking the Dog, or "Travels with a Bitch".
Weird art, strange neighbours, and evening sounds, walking the dog.
Oct 11, 1998
Making Snow for the Fortress
One of the worst jobs I ever had... till I got out.
Apr 11, 1996
The Stolen Cow Caper
aka: How a bunch of idiots stole a big bulky 800lb thing because they thought they were cool.
Jun 22, 1997

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