%expand% Yet Another Fall Thing... it's quiz time boys and girls! take the survey, make my day! secret stats! Yet Another Web Thing - the Fall thing is happening!
personal stuff Little Secret Lives
i guess certain exposure to this page doesn't make it so secret anymore, but here's where you'll find all the nitty gritty.
Daily Rantage
my sometimes daily spewings. guaranteed to either excite or put to sleep. i call it my soapbox. CUPW weenies on Dec. 1
daylie ranties
Story Time
lots to choose from, and more to come. pull up a chair and have a read... on me.
story time
Getting it Webbified
some of my humble tips on designing web sites.
webify stuff
i can't spell it, but well, it's all here.
misc stuff
hobbies The Stuff I Do
it's all here, including, hobbies, work and shit disturbing.
sports To Sweat or Not
sports used to rule my life, until I started geeking out.
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