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to sweat or not, that is the question.
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Sweatin' to the Oldies
Sports used to be my life, then I discovered that a computer could make me money. One gradually took over more of my time, and the other took less, but I aims to change that! You can find out more about my specific sporting interests (with pics!) by selecting on the right.

I recently saw the movie Super Speedway, and it freaked me out.mario cruises... I loved it! Jeanette said it looked like it was "better than sex" for me. Could be. See the new link to the right.

I've was involved in many team sports in my youth, from football, to rugby, to baseball (not that wimpy 'fastball' or 'softball', but real baseball). Currently, I do more individual sports when I get the time (or inclination), including mountain biking (which is also fun with friends), hiking, and walking the dog - which really is a sport at times.

This summer, I hope to convince Jeanette and 8 others to join me once again in a recreational volleyball league that plays in Kits. I have really grown to love volleyball, from the Hope Volleyball Tournament days in my youth, to enjoying the yearly seasons with the Jericho Classic Volleyball Club.

Thanks People!
Thanks to Stephanie and Patrik for inspiration and help with this code.
Super Speedway Woo!
Recently, I saw the OmniMax film Super Speedway, and it really left me breathless. Find out more about this film, and why it's a must see for open wheel racing fans.
Mountain Biking
Since moving out to Vancouver, (and before that), mountain biking has been a passion. I've biked Moab, Oregon, Washington, and all around British Columbia.
Another favourite of mine is volleyball, which I've played 3 out of the last 4 years here in Vancouver, in a league. Find out more, and maybe even join our team by checking out this link.
Auto Racing
OK, so I'm not a race car driver... but this is my number one sport to watch - I'm a die hard 'open-wheel' fan, and if you don't know what that means, find out more by hitting this link!
Miscellaneous Sports
Here's where I cover the rest of my sporting influences, events and participation. It covers football, hockey, soccer, baseball, and more - check it out!
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