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Our History

We started as a part time wordprocessing service for students over 8 years ago, but soon after starting up the company, we discovered that this new and exciting field of graphic design and desktop publishing presented a lot of new opportunities.

We soon branched out into design services for restaurants and other small businesses, creating unique menu designs, booklets, advertisements, newsletters, annual reports and more.

Over the past few years, our business has expanded to offer internet services, including web page design, graphic design, and webcentric documents, such as Adobe PDF documents, sounds, GIF and JPG graphics, Java applets and scripts, and more.

The one thing that held true for us when we started remains true today - we offer exceptional service for a very competitive price.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your company become more successful and prosperous through exciting print and electronic media.

Our Mission Statement

Why do we have a mission statement? We have one to provide ourselves with a good direction for the future, but it also exists to provide our customers with an idea of what we are all about and where we are going with our services.

Below, you'll find the highlights our mission statement. Only our banker knows more!

To provide high quality, unique, and exacting menu designs to our customers.

To provide other graphical services to restaurants and other businesses, ones that help make them money.

To design efficient and eye-catching web page designs that compliment and enhance your company's image.

To provide all the above for a very competitive price, one that saves you money, and even better, makes you money.

Our Future

We have just entered into an agreement with Mortimer Online to be their primary contractor for all the web design contracts they receive, so pretty soon, you'll be seeing a lot of web pages on the net designed by us.

We are getting into the more complex aspects of web design, including programming Java applets and scripts, SMX database management, and utilizing special effects such as FutureWave, ActiveX and more. We are delving into these complex and exciting technologies to provide our customers with cutting edge websites.

But that doesn't mean that our traditional customers, people in the hospitality industry, will suffer. We will continue to take the time needed to make your jobs important, creative, and successful. Contact us via e-mail today, visit the rest of our web site, or contact us at (604)737-9901 today!

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