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The Mixelania section will feature stuff that doesn't fit in other parts of this site: A photo archive/showcase section, tips on getting the most out of your digital camera, info about some of my more serious hobbies (including wine and beer making, building models, racing little tiny r/c cars, mountain biking, camping and more), some pictures from my extreme youth, and tons of other associated stuff.

Stay tuned, it's gonna be all new.

Photos from Algonquin Park
October 2003

Recently, my Mom, my brothers and I went back to Algonguin Park one last time together.   My Mom said it was one of the things she wished could do, so we made it happen. Here's some visual experiences from the trip.

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Omega Seamaster Review
March 2021

A non-technical review of an Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer wrist watch, along with some history of my love for automatic watches. This review focuses on aesthetics, appeal, functionality, and even maybe some watch theory.

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Photographic Obsessions
July 2002

Coffee and Espresso may be my main passion, but photography, and especially digital photography is a close second. In this section I'll talk about digital cameras, provide some small reviews, and show you the still life studio setup I have at home.

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Photographic Evidence - Volume One
February 2002

I have thousands of photos. Thousands of digital photos, and thousands of print photos. Most are of the snapshot variety. Very few are of me. I don't like being photographed - I like taking the picture. Check out some.

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Previous Versions of this Site!
September 2001

I've been on the Internet since 1994, and I have almost every design, every experiment, every goof, every thought, heck, every little bit of html code I ever generated for my personal sites, my pro sites, friends' sites, you name it. I'm going to upload a few of them here for you to scope out.

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Kyosho MiniZ RC Racing
October 2002

I never owned an R/C car until this year, when I took advantage of the eToys.com implosion and their final, blowout sale. I bought a dozen of the Tyco "Canned Heat" cars for a song. I soon discovered that I really liked toolin' around with these cars, but I also discovered that I wanted something a bit more. I found them in the some of the smallest full function "pro" R/C cars out there - the Mini-Z models from Kyosho of Japan.

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Working Life
February 2002

You know, for a guy who has an awful lot of web pages online, there's surprisingly little information about what I do in a day to day thing, in my work, and at home. I guess that's my fault - while I don't go out of my way to create this fanciful "online persona", I do tend to keep some things secret. This section breaks this trend, just a bit.

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Archived Mixelanium
January 2002

Old content doesn't go away, it just gets shuffled around. In the Archived Mixelanium area, you'll find old content that is no longer, well, "valid" for lack of a better word. Sometimes it's old advice for old technology, sometimes it's about things I no longer own or do. But it still has a home around here :)

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