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Old content doesn't go away, it just gets shuffled around. In the Archived Mixelanium area, you'll find old content that is no longer, well, "valid" for lack of a better word. Sometimes it's old advice for old technology, sometimes it's about things I no longer own or do.

Below, you'll find a list of the various pages that used to be more prominently featured on this website and my previous incarnations of this website.

Gonzo Mountain Biking
Originally posted January 2000

Though my gut definitely doesn't show it, I used to be one serious jacked up mountain biker. Moving to Richmond did a ton of harm to me in many ways, and biking suffered - its no fun bicycling in a super flat, reclaimed swamp turned sleepy suburb. But I hope to change that very soon.

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Palm Talk
Originally posted June 2001

I'm a total convert to the Palm OS platform. I've owned a Palm Vx for some time now and will eventually upgrade to the M505 (or I might wait until the new 320x320 Palm comes out). This device is rapidly becoming my computer replacement for many of my meetings. It's also becoming my electronic book, entertainment centre, and more.

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