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Kyosho MiniZ RC Racing
October 2002

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The Kyosho Mini Z racers, available just about everywhere online now where you buy hobby stuff, have to be some of the coolest "toys' available today.

These cars are for all intensive purposes, "pro" racing R/C cars; they ain't no Radio Shack cars. They cost about $250 for a starter set (complete car, basic  body, full radio transmitter control, ready to race), and then the sky's the limit on upgrading them.

These cars have full proportional digital steering, acceleration and reverse, and there's a slew of aftermarket upgrades, or "hop ups" to spend your hard earned dough on. Just about the coolest thing about these cars is the scale - they are 1/28th scale, where most "pro" R/C cars are 1/10 scale.

Mini Z cars aren't nearly as fast as the 1/10 scale electric or gas powered R/C cars, but these little wonders are definitely fast. Mini Z cars, with appropriate hop ups, can go as fast as 23 miles per hour or faster. You probably couldn't catch one if you tried running after it, even a model straight out of the box.

This section is one of the more popular ones on my personal website (if logs don't lie), so I decided to do a major upgrade to this section on Mini Z cars. Here's the stuff you can choose from:

How I got into Mini Z cars
Some history of how I got into this fad that has eaten up about a $1,000 of my hard earned money.

Hop up trails
Various hopups I have done on my cars, and how the cars have improved as a result.

Mini Z racing in Vancouver and Richmond
Mini Z cars have been taking off as of late and seem to be showing up in more and more shops. There's even a local 'race track' where I go in Richmond to race my cars.

Mini Z Exotics
One thing I can't help spending my money on are some exotic body shells and parts for my Mini Z cars

Mini Z in the office
This is where the most fun can be had. But remember - the boss has to win once in a while.


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