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Mar 23, 2003, 2:20pm

So what's the ultimate in stupidity?

Protesting against war, against violence, against death, and committing violent acts to show you're serious about wanting peace.

All over the world, people are protesting the war in Iraq. That's fine - myself, I'm a student of history and while I have absolutely no illusions about the real reasons the US is in Iraq (read: oil), I see so many scary parallels between Saddam Hussein and Josef Stalin, it's truly frightening. The parallels with Hitler are almost as close - if you look at how Saddam came to power, and look at how Hitler achieved it, there are mirrors in the actions.

So while I'm not crazy about the US acting as the world's Dirty Harry, I won't shed a tear if Saddam is killed and his "regime is changed". People in Iraq will die as a result of this action: many civilians, many more military, but the way I look at it is this way: Saddam was given an ultimatum - he could have reaped a worldwide publicity coup and would have made the US look like complete idiots if he publicly stated he would leave Iraq in order to save countless deaths. But he's a dictator, he believes he is above any law or human decency. His sons are rapists, murderers, and sadists. He is an evil guy, and he was an evil guy when the US supported him in the 1980s, and he's an evil guy today regardless of whatever propoganda the US has been spewing about him since 1990 and beyond.

So am I in support of the war? While it saddens me that many will die because of this, including women, children and innocent men, I also think that it isn't any worse than what the country has been going through under 20+ years of rule by a sadist, evil dictator. The benefit (hopefully) of the war is that this may all be coming to an end soon, and the citizens of Iraq will see brighter days ahead. What sucks is that some of them, because of the war, won't see those brighter days. So yeah, I support the war effort to rid the world of a sick, mad dictator.

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