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Apr 10, 2003, 8:15am

Maybe it's just me, but something fishy is going on over at Brighthand. I popped by this morning to check on some rumours for the new Palms and the new Sony Clie coming out, and I saw this page:

Funny Link

Notice the title?

RumorMill™: Details on Upcoming High End Clies

A fucking trademark on the joined words RumorMill??? What? Because they ditched the space? Sheesh. I guess from now on if I accidently forget the space between the words rumor and mill, I'll have to apply for permission from Brighthand to use it? So if I type RumorMill, I'll be in trouble now? Ooops.

I've got some trademarked phrases and words. One is "CoffeeGeek SponsorAds". Another is GeekLinks. A third is CoffeeGeek GeekLinks.

Now these phrases are slightly unique, I suppose one could argue that Geek Links is something that may not be trademarked, it's slightly common. I don't agree - it's unique enough in the use and service that it was a word combo I wanted to protect from competing companies. Brighthand has some claimed trademarked phrases other than RumorMill. They have BrightBytes™, which is fairly unique too, but you could argue that there's also a commonality to that one - I don't - it's unique enough that the TM would stand up.

But a common venacular word combination like RumorMill? What's next, HiThere™?

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