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Saturday, August 17 Front Page >> Random Rants >> A-Team helicopters.

Apr 14, 2006, 9:55pm

Whey I try to explain to the, ahem, "younger generation" or, uh, those not native to Canada about the A-Team and how it was like, the show for every preteen and early teen boy back in the day, one of the things I like to talk about is how no one ever dies on the A-Team. Or almost never.

I like to bring up one particular moment from the show I always remembered. A helicopter slams into the side of a cliff, crumples, explodes, falls apart. But when it hits ground, all the people crawl out... "you okay?" "yeah, I'm okay, just a headache..."

Beata's never seen the A-Team. But she hears me whistling the theme song from time to time (dah dah daaaaaah, du du dahhhhh...) and as we're flipping the channels, we saws that the A-Team was on DejaVu. I told her again about the helicopter thing, and we tuned in. The episode was "The battle of Bel-Air".

And holy shit.....

out of all the A-Team episodes.... what, five seasons, six seasons of it....

This was the "helicopter smashes into the side of a cliff and everyone crawls out" episode.

Too freaky! ;)

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