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May 05, 2003, 11:00pm

I found this nifty little application that is pretty useless, but still, what it did intrigued me.

You can point it to a directory, and it will count the amount of words found in all the document files in there (including .doc, .rtf, .txt and more). I have a big directory that has most of the stuff I've written over the years (including my usenet postings, but not my emails) in this one spot (with lots of subdirectories). I ran the program on the directory, and it turns out I've written...

7,432,332 words

That's 7.5 million words since 1992.

Scary. And it doesn't include stuff I've written on websites (well, portions - most of my stuff for the CoffeeGeek site started as word documents), and in email.

Wow. Do I ever run off at the keyboard. I've written a lot of stupid things, and lot of ignorant things, some reasonable things, and some intelligent things. I basically wrote a lot.

The ironic thing is, out of all those 7.5 million words, I know which words I'm most proud of. One thing stands out for me: So You Say There's a Coffee Crisis. I put 3 months of research and a lot of fact checking into that article because it was important, and stuff had to be said. There's other things I wrote that I like, but that is the standout for me, to this day.

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