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May 15, 2003, 12:00am

I've been wondering about something lately....

Knowing how RIAA (I'd link to them, but someone's hacked their site, yet again - instead, check out and the major recording studios are all paranoid about copying, mp3s, letting you create your own music mixes on burned CDs, etc etc, I got to thinking....

If radio as we know it didn't exist yet, and someone came up with the concept of AM radio, FM radio, and even satellite radio today, do you think it would be "allowed" to exist? Do you think that RIAA and the recording studios would welcome it, or fight it tooth and nail?

Or maybe they would welcome it, but only if it was built with some kind of "pay per listen" kind of service built in? How about some sort of scrambler/descrambler type device that DVDs and most modern VCRs have?

Personally, I think they'd kill it with a storm of lawsuits, raising the spectre of the DCMA, and more. They'd scream bloody murder, and label everyone listening to the airwaves as potential pirates.

After all, they've done it to Internet Radio... which is a shallow shell of what it was only a few years ago.

Thank God radio came in when it did. I love listening to radio.

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