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Jun 09, 2003, 6:25pm

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Here's a variety of collected reactions to my Sony Ericsson P800 over the last five months. The phone is about to become more "mainstream" for those willing to spend $1000 Cdn from Fido, but at least up to this point, it is still a unique thing at this point in time.

"Woah, how did you... hey, can I buy that kind of keypad for my Clie?"

"I think you're nuts for spending that much on a toy."

"Impressive toy. What does it do?"

"Amazing! The camera is amazing!"

"It's much smaller than I thought it would be!"

"It's a brick."

"It'd be really cool if you could check email on it... (email demo shown...) Oh that's neat. It'd be really cool if you could browse the Internet with it.... (Opera and built in browser shown, ordered something at Amazon)... oh. Pretty cool. I guess the only thing it is missing is music... (OggPlay demo'ed with my three CDs' worth of music on the memory stick). Hrmm. Yeah, that's cool... but is it all really necessary?"

"That flip is the bomb!"

"The screen is small, but so vibrant."

"It's too small in the screen. I would be more impressed if it had a screen the full size of the body."

"Where do I buy one? (asked at least three dozen times)"

"Where's your phone?" (when it is in my pocket and I'm using a BT headset without wires)

"That's a phone? I don't believe you!"

"This technology today is too confusing."

"That is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen."

I wonder what Wayne is getting as a reaction to his phone?

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