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Jun 15, 2003, 12:25am

Holy Fuck.

Some people take themselves far, far too seriously (check out "Jena's" commentary!)

See, all of this was in response to the posting of this parody of certain web loggers (bloggers). Some are probably A-List because of who they are and their daily readership. Others are more likely a-list in their own minds (hence some of the parody text used).

About a year ago, John Dvorak wrote about bloggers in a very real, and very "hey, wake up" way - some bloggers take themselves too seriously, even then. I wrote Dvorak saying thanks for the article and hopefully he won't be put under a tidal wave of people very in parallel to the folks on the show Trailer Park Boys - people who think they're not only the most important things on the planet, but also changing the world from their own meager little corner, just by updating a diary often. (in the Trailer Park Boys version, they think the world should stop because a few of their dope seeds dried out, or the park supervisor kept their hockey ball).

Dvorak wrote me back and we exchanged a few emails, and sure enough, the tide of "incensed, doesn't get it" crap flowed, overwhelming his mail box. But we also shared a laugh at the small mindedness of it all.

I do believe the web has the power to change things - for the worse or for the better. It has the ability to communicate, to network people (oldschool, not coax-cable networking), to change minds, to teach, and to debate. But that job is mainly for community websites, influencer websites, and the online press.

Bloggers *aren't* press. They aren't even media. They're someone writing a diary entry. Someone posting a collection of links. Someone talking about how cool they are, or what they bought, or what time they took a piss this morning, or the amazing thought they had while taking a crap.

This is all why I hate calling this page on my site a "blog". Not because it isn't a blog - it is. I hate calling it a blog because of the freakbloggers out there ruining what can otherwise just be a simple, fun diversion.

I ain't changing the world over here at Spiffle (I'm doing that over at CoffeeGeek heh heh heh).

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