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Jun 27, 2003, 5:15pm

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So, today I had a very "George Costanza" moment... actually, a few hours' worth.

I hate having my photo taken. Never have, since I was 12 or so.

But today, I went through the experience of having my photograph taken (many times) for a US news publication's possible use down the road. Has to do with that other site and organization I'm involved with. And the entire time I felt like the goofy fat naked guy lying on the couch - Georgie boy. But I had clothes (two changes too!).

A lot of photos were taken. With different cameras. Some fisheye shots, some closeups, some counting my nose-hairs. Here's some of the test shots... what do you think?

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Soft Focus!??
Me, workin' the doser. Soft focus blah.
Mad Scientist
Is that a bug in there? Oh what the hell, i'll drink it.
Mo' Soft
Yet more soft focus, wide angle lens work. Mmmm.
Da Machina
Well, at least the La Marzocco looks good.

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