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Jul 04, 2008, 1:20am

Wii Fit is starting to become religion for me. It's not so much the exercises it has as it is the fact that it's getting me exercising again, and now it makes me think more when I reach for the fridge door - "oh shit, will my BMI jump half a point if I gorge on that oh so luscious smoked meat?"

So it's been 7 days since my last post on it, and my BMI is down another full point (-3.3 since I started), and I've lost another 2lbs (I jumped up a bit for a few days) for a total loss of 17.6 lbs.

I'm now doing some of the more hardcore things, including

30 minutes steppercize, with weights
10 minute "advanced" boxing routine that is about 50% faster than the 3 and 6 minute versions. And let me tell u, I punch the crap out of that air.
Advanced Hula Hoop, twice. Christ, that hurts.
Planks. OMG. Planks. I'm in such bad shape. I remember when I used to be able to hold these for 5 minutes. I can barely last 30 seconds.

I stopped doing the balance games, except purely for fun.My daily routine now is
15 mins Yoga
20 mins strength
30-50 minutes aerobics.

Diet's more or less the same, but I've added cheese and meat every other day now. Lots of sushi eatin' (sashimi, to avoid the rice).

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