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Jul 17, 2008, 11:45pm

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Nikon D300 and VR 70-200 lens
Photo by darwon, via flickr (creative commons usage).

I could be quite possibly insane.

I have my camera gear where I want it to be right now:

3 bodies (Canon Xsi, Canon 40D, Canon 5D - one body too many, wanna buy one?)
7 lenses (24-105mm L lens (super sweet), 10-22mm EF-S, 28mm f1.8, 50mm f1.4, 60mm 1:1 macro EF-S lens, 100mm EF macro 1:1, 18-55 EF-S IS walkaround lens)
Professional lighting (four Alzo lightboxes of various shapes, two EGO lights)
Flash lighting (macro ring light, two Sigma 500 DG Super flashes)
Good tripods (the amazing Giottos 93 series)

All told, I should be happy with the photo setup - it's a dream setup for any person serious about product photography. But I've been looking with doe-eyes from afar at the latest Nikon offerings - the D300, and the soon to be released full frame D700.

I used to shoot Nikon when I was shooting film. I had a monstrous F5, and a beyond capable F100 with four high quality Nikkor optics. I fell in love with photography partially because of how in-tune I was with the Nikon cameras and their operation. It became second nature to me. Back in 2003, I wanted to go digital for 100% of what I was shooting, and Nikon's digital offerings at the time were not up to spec - so I went Canon. I sold all my Nikon kit (regretting selling the lenses now), and thought I wouldn't look back.

Now Nikon's kicking Canon's butt on quality of image and features that I lustfully want (that horizon feature alone in the D300 and D700.... oooo yeah). And to be able to shoot at ISOs 6400, 12800 and higher? OMG.

Plus, I handled a D300 recently, and it was like a time warp - back to the old, comfortable feeling of my old F5 and F100 film Nikons. I felt "at home" again, something I have never quite felt with the Canons.

If you're not into photography, this is all going to seem like mush. But if you're deep into photography and being "one with the camera", you know what I'm talking about.

I don't know if I can do this. Canon's optics are awesome when they're "on" but some lenses are very off. (I've had bad copies of the 17-85 IS, and my 50mm isn't as sharp as it should be) The point is, my 24-105, my 60mm EF-S (only works on the Xsi and 40D), my 100mm 1:1 macro are razor sharp and some of the best optics I've ever used - better than any of the Nikkor optics I've owned in the past. I don't know if I'm ready to take a leap of faith back into Nikon hoping to get good optics all over again.

What to do... I've been thinking lately of possibly selling the 5D (or 40D), and one or two lenses and getting the Nikon D300 and two lenses to replace.

Owning both brands? Is that even possible? Won't worlds collide, earthquakes shake, brains implode?

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