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Jul 27, 2003, 8:55pm

I consider myself a pretty liberal guy, open to all types of cultures and experiences. Yes, I gripe sometimes about living in "New Hong Kong" here in Richmond, but I try to be open to different cultures.

Tonight, I was exposed, indirectly, to a culture I really don't care much for:

Trailer Park Culture

Okay, so it's fun to watch Trailer Park Boys, but sitting next to a bunch of them at a coffee house in Richmond? Mommy, I'm scared and confused and want to go home… whimper.

Here's some random talk I overheard:

"Hell, yu get your card stamped? (referring to the little cards they give you at coffee shops, buy 6 or 12, get a coffee free). They got the draw!"

"What's it for?"

"Oh, it's for a trip to Future Shop, so you can get yer CD Roms, or you get one of those tiny cars (pointing at a poster for a new Mini being given away for a year)"

"Oh hell yah, gimme some of that. 'Magine the damage I could do with that! My truck could beat it though, got the Hemy in it, ya know…"

"Oh, but it's only a lease, you don't get to keep it"

"Fuck that shit! No wait… I'd take it! But good luck to 'em if they think they're gettin' it back in a year in any kinda condition. I'd make it mine fer sure…"

Another convo:

"Hell, my truck can make Arbottsford (that's how he pronounced it, though it's Abbottsford) in 45 minutes flat takin' zero avenue" (Abbotsford is about 1.5 hours away, driving fast from here).

"But ya gotta be careful on that zero avenue - the cops like it"

"Fuck 'em! The couldn't catch me two weeks ago! Good thing too, I had a few pints at Shelley's!"

Then the single liners:

"Five pints ain't nuthin, right, for drivin? That's my limit at least. I ain't stupid"

"It's bonus because I can stay on the pogey and still make two bills a day workin' for Steve" (translation: I am working for Steve, making $200 cash a day while still collecting welfare / unemployment insurance)

"My landlord is growin' the stuff in his house too, so who gives a fuck!"

All the above are verbatim, true words, overheard as I type this. Basically the conversations involved screwing the government, screwing the landlord, driving a truck, or drinking. There's more, but I'm getting scared and I wanna leave.

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