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Wednesday, August 5 Front Page >> Random Rants >> Commerce stores using banner advertisements

Aug 04, 2003, 5:45pm

eBay pimps for other websites!

Has anyone else noticed lately that both eBay and Amazon have been running banner ads on their sites lately? And they ain't even ads for their own sites. Nope, they're selling ads to third parties.

And maybe I'm alone on this, but I find this pretty repulsive.

Amazon and eBay are both money making ventures these days. eBay especially is making a mint - they pretty much have a license to print money. But I guess it still isn't enough.

I don't mind the mass-bombing of targetted ads that Amazon delivers you whenever you visit their site, as long as it is for Amazon sub-sites or products. But seeing third party ads on search results seems the ultimate in cheese. And eBay's even worse. Probably the most used page on eBay is the search results pages, and now there's a stinky banner ad at the top of them. I'm thankful I can turn them off with Mozilla (block images from this third party server), but I dunno. It's creepy. I will NEVER click through one of those ads. I find it the ultimate in greed, at least on some levels.

I know that supermarkets have been selling ad space on their shopping carts as of late, and some may say that's the same thing. While I find the shopping cart "advert" almost as cringy as the eBay thing, at least the products you see advertised on shopping carts are almost always groceries you'll find on the shelf. It's a mutual promotion thing for the grocery store and the product maker - they both directly benefit from generated sales. But the eBay thing? Pure profit using one of the Internet's more sleezy banner ad delivery companies.

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