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Monday, December 9 Front Page >> Random Rants >> Real still sucks after all this time.

Aug 18, 2004, 11:05am


From the school of "bad ideas, just getting badder and badder", comes the latest crap from Real Networks.

Also apparently, Freedom of Musical Choice doesn't necessarily mean freedom of speech. LOL! (Real's been turfing comments and names in the stupid petition they have going, because many have been negative towards Real). What irony!

Real's suckitude is well known in the digital world, with most people (that I know at least) refusing to install the real player since, oh, 1998 or so. I'm no fan of Apple's 'leetist attitude (and that includes many of its users too), but in a way, I'm like, "go apple. go apple" on this one.

It's very amusing to see the slow implosion of Rob Glaser and his crappy company. Normally I would feel sad for employees of said company, but many Real employees are almost as evil as head honcho Rob, so kid gloves be off. I give it another six months or so before a real meltdown.

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