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Sunday, January 17 Front Page >> Random Rants >> Has RIAA gone too far? They did a long timeago

Oct 16, 2001, 11:35pm

You know, has RIAA, the organization that represents the big five music labels, gone too far? If you ask me, they went too far years ago. Now they're just insane. And guess what, they are now bordering on the high tech definition of "terrorist".

Give this a look see. You can also see it at C|Net and at the Register.

How bloody scary is that? RIAA in what is normally a fairly dispicable act, that is attach "riders" to a US legislative bill that has nothing to do with the original bill, decided to take it many, many steps further into sleeze and tried to legislate their right and immunity from prosecution to conduct what is generally regarded as "high tech terrorism", or hacking.

I'm actually at a loss for words here (I know, I'm keeping it well hidden). What I mean to say is... I don't know what I mean to say. I'm completely shocked and flaberghasted that they could even consider this. The Registry probably says it best with their headline title: Recording Industry Exploits the WTC Tragedy to Hack You.

All I have to say is this. For a long time I've felt that RIAA has been motivated by unscrupulous greed, bordering on true evil. Now I'm convinced of it.

Unless you enjoy independant labels and music, I am for the first time urging everyone to boycott the major labels, to the point of purely downloading MP3 files. I'm no advocate of not honouring copyrights - I believe that the creators of creative work should always be fairly compensated. But as many musicians have already shown us, RIAA and its representative record labels do not do this. They are in it for their own evil greed.

If you are outraged by dispicable act and would like to boycott RIAA and all its representative labels, but do not wish to break copyrights in the spirit of what a "copyright" is, you can always do this - download your favourite artist's full CD in MP3 format, and send the artist $5, $7, or $10... and guess what - they'll make as much as 1000% or more from you than they would from their label.

And of course, if it's an independant label or musician, by all means, show your support with your dollars.

Bastards RIAA. Rot in hell.

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