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Dec 20, 2008, 12:20am

So here's an update about the MSi Wind / Hackintosh project.

I'd call it 99% done and running well. I managed to run some fixes, some kext (still don't know what that means) updates, find various drivers, and now it's essentially running perfect, and runs fast on a 1.6ghz Atom chip with only 1gb of memory.

I've got it doing full time machine backups to an external USB drive; I've got it it supplying sound to the external headphone / output jack; I've got it connecting to wifi and the internet (I'm typing this on the netMacBook right now). I've got all my iLife and iWork programs installed and working (well I deleted iDVD, since I will never burn a DVD with this optical-drive-less machine); I've got the web cam working, and I even have two finger scrolling working.

Here's the only things broken or not working or not where I want them to be:

  • Running 10.5.4 OSX - I'm afraid to upgrade this box to 10.5.5 or even the latest, the slightly broken (on regular macs) 10.5.6. As such, there's a few things I'm missing that both of those upgrade brought you. However, I am running the latest iTunes, latest iWork and iMovie updates, and the system runs smoothly.

  • No built in mic (yet) - though the rumours on forums say that's imminent. To get around it, I use a bluetooth headset with skype or google chat or iChat.

  • No external line in (yet) - again, may be fixed very soon (see previous).

  • Headphone jack is a hack - I can change sound from internal speakers to headphone jack with a single click of a tool on my menu bar, but I'd still like it to be seamless - plug in headphones, and sound is automatically redirected.

  • Wifi connection is an active program hack - active program as in, I have to launch a program called RALink to get wifi working. No airport icon on the menu bar. Again a bit of a hack, and a minor, very minor inconvenience. If i swap out the b/g/n card inside with a Dell 1500 card, this problem will go away - the Dell is Airport-recognized.

Everything else is solid as a rock, and works well - sometimes better than my desktop iMac (which albeit is bogged down with a gazillion programs and data files).

This netMacBook is awesome. And if i want WindowsXP, just a reboot, and pick that OS.

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