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I finally got the stories more or less "completed" around here. Titles and everything!

So the deal is, everytime you reload this page, you should see two randomly selected stories from this website. If you don't see something that catches your fancy, reload the page, and next time around you just might see something you'll want to read. Enjoy!

Life and Times at Cafe Wim
Originally published June, 1995

Café Wim was my favourite place to be in Ottawa. I hung out there long before it was trendy. I drank my first real beer there, an import behemoth called Chimay - a Belgian 12% alcohol beer that kicked you pretty strong (prior to that, I drank stuff like Labatts Blue and Molson Canadian). I had my first cappuccino at Wim. I had my first espresso at Wim. I honed my backgammon skills at Wim. Wim was the kind of place where people didn't judge you, no matter what your political social, or sexual preferences were. I loved that place.

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The Landlord from Hell
This guy was evil. Just Plain Evil

Many people think their landlord resides somewhere near hell. We know our landlord does - he's an evil, evil person. This is the sad tale of a very nasty landlord.

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