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I finally got the stories more or less "completed" around here. Titles and everything!

So the deal is, everytime you reload this page, you should see two randomly selected stories from this website. If you don't see something that catches your fancy, reload the page, and next time around you just might see something you'll want to read. Enjoy!

Feeling U2
First written January 1995

Yes, I am Old.

Now that we have that out of the way. U2 was my band during the latter 80s and early 90s. I loved U2. I was first in line for their new albums. I was one of those people who slept overnight at the TicketMaster to get the best seats I could for U2 concerts. I loved that band.

The first time I saw U2 was in early 1983 at Barrymore's - your typical small venue rock house. I was very much underage, and I had to bribe the doorman to let me in, and promise him I would pay for lots of Cokes, but no booze. You see, I discovered them in 1982 through their Boy and War albums, and was instantly enthralled by their music. At the Barrymore's show, there was about 125 people, and I think I was the most freaked out of the bunch. I knew this band was going places. I discovered The Edge's riffs and fell entranced by them. I loved that band.

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The Landlord from Hell
This guy was evil. Just Plain Evil

Many people think their landlord resides somewhere near hell. We know our landlord does - he's an evil, evil person. This is the sad tale of a very nasty landlord.

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