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Tools I Use
April 2003

It's been a while since I updated this page, but what the heck. I gotta brag about all my techie tools somewhere, right? So, as of April, 2003, here's the scoop:

Building a website is as easy as pie. It really is! Microsoft Internet Explorer (I like to call it Exploder) comes built into Windows XP and it has a light-html editor built in. On the Mac side, Mozilla and other browsers also have built html editors with WYSIWYG interfaces. Simply type a few paragraphs, change font sizes and colors for titles, drag in a few separating lines, add a few hyperlinks to your list of cool sites, and voila, your own web page.

Now there's nothing wrong with that approach - you get to join in on the hoopla of what is known as the World Wide Web, and that's all you really need to do. But, after your first Front Pad designed pages, you might just want to move on to something a bit more complex, a bit more intense, and a bit more unique for your web site, be it personal or business.

If you want to learn how to do it, but don't want to hire my company, here's the kind of kit and readership and scholarship you need to pull off the stuff I do every day.

The Hardware and Software I Own and Use
Custom 2.4Ghz Pentium 4
1Gb DDR Ram
120GB, 80GB drives
32x CDRW Drive
4x DV-RW Drive
Radeon AIW 9500 Card
Samsung 172T 17" LCD
802.11g WiFi
Multi Reader
USB 2.0
Windows XP Pro
IBM Thinpad X30
PIII Mobile 1.2Ghz
12.1 TFT
640mb RAM
Docking Slice
Bluetooth, WiFi
CF Slot
2 Batteries (8hrs)

Mac iBook
OSX 10.2.4
700Mhz G3 (boo)
12.1" TFT
512mb RAM
Radeon Mobility
WiFi (Airport)
Canon GL2 3CCD dvCam
LinkSys WiFi Router
802.11g 54mbps
Sony Ericsson P800
Jabra BT200 BT Headset
Logitech Elite Pro
Wireless Keyboard
Wireless Mouse
Canon Ti Scanner
HP Deskjet 945C (Bluetooth)
Olympus C-5050 Digicam
Akoo Wireless rebroadcaster
Logitech QuickCam Pro
BT enabled Joystick
BT enabled gamepad
Wacom Intuos tablet
and an internet enabled espresso maker
MS Office Pro
Mac: Office X
MS Publisher
Adobe InDesign 2
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere
QuickTime Pro
iMovie (Mac)
Final Cut Express
Corel Draw 10
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Homesite
Macromedia Flash
TopStyle (CSS)
Mozilla 1.3
Internet Exploder
Camino (Mac)
Safari (Mac)
Eudora Pro 5.2
Agent 1.9x
Cute FTP
WIPS (my company's content management software)

and much, much more.

Then There's Books

I am a firm believer in books as an excellent teaching tool. Almost everything I've learned with regards to techology, design, web design, web development, image editing, video editing, and more have come from books, and being "self taught".

I've compiled a list of books from Amazon that I highly recommend if you want to get serious about web design (and connected things).

HTML Books

HTML QuicStart Idiot's Guide to Web Pages Dummies HTML Dynamic HTML
HTML QuickStart
Great beginner book for HTML and XHTML learning. $15.49
Idiot's Guide to Creating Web Pages
I like the Idiot's guides - sometimes, they are better than the Dummies version. $17.47
Dummies Guide to HTML
The Dummies Books are often my first recommendation for beginners. $17.49
Dynamic HTML: The Guide
Great book that taught me a lot about DHMTL. $17.98.

Photo Editing Books



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