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Spiffle! a VanIsle Blog

started in 1997, abandoned in 2012, reborn in 2021
bringing a bit of that 1997 flavour to 2021 design and tech.

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I have a friend, Jacob, who’s a Chromebook evangelist. He loves the “democracy of them” as he calls it: good looking, lightweight, good screen notebook …

A full and comprehensive look at the last great mechanical SLR - the Nikon FM3a.

Just too much socials these days, and every one of them is horrible.

The Konica Hexar RF Camera - a rangefinder par excellence, but one I don't use, and probably should sell.

A hobby of sorts: driving along the country roads of the Vancouver Island Lower Peninsula, stopping and checking out many of the small farm stands …

Never made a dime on CoffeeGeek Forums' Buy and Sell section, and I regret it.