Perrier Boy Cometh

Gasp. I’ve become one of those people. I drink Perrier. Copious amounts of the stuff. Gah. One of those people. The PerrierPeopleā„¢. Okay… so it’s not so bad. See, here’s the deal. I drink too much pop. Diet pop always (diet coke, pepsi, 7up, you name it), but way too much. So about six months ago, I […]

Van.General is Nuttier than Ever

So I’m wrapping up a long day of work (today it went from 9:30am to about 5 mins ago, with a couple of meal breaks), and I was bored. I decided to check out the newsgroup van.general (for vancouver.general), to see if it was any worse than the last time I checked it out – […]