Got a New Grinder Today… From Baratza!

Got a new grinder in my mailbox today. I’m actually really excited about this thing. And sorry – I normally don’t make this rants thing over here at spiffle into any kind of coffee news or rant stuff (I usually rant about coffee over here), but this is a bit beyond coffee… lemme explain. But first, […]


I’ve got some news for you all. I bought another new domain name a few months back. As many of you know, I’m addicted to quality coffee (surprisingly, I’m not addicted to coffee – I can go days without – just that when I drink coffee or espresso, I demand quality coffee and espresso). Anyway, […]

Writing a Vacpot FAQ…

Ever try to write a FAQ? It’s damned hard. I always wondered why there were so many crap half assed FAQs out there in the Internet world, and now I know why… it’s hard to write a good, informative, and complete one. Currently I’m trying to co-author a FAQ for Sunbeam Coffeemasters, which are in […]