John Dvorak is ON!

John Dvorak is “on”, as they say. Sometimes John makes a big hit. Sometimes he makes a big miss. His most recent PC Mag Rant (you can see it here) is most definitely a hit. Deconstructing the Blog is a must read for way too many people online. First, I am aware some may think this […]

10 Years in Vancouver

Today marks the 10th anniversary of my arrival (and setting up shop, as it were) in Vancouver BC. For some reason, this is more important to me than my birthday, go figure. 10 years ago this day, I got off a Greyhound bus at around 7:40 am in downtown Vancouver. I’d never been to this […]

Many Anniversaries

You know, I was looking on the calendar and reminiscing a bit, about my life since I moved to Vancouver. Then I realized two things. On February 8, I will have been in Vancouver for 10 years. Holy crap! 10 years of my life! Where the hell did it go? And then I thought, sometime […]

A Very Cool Day

Today is an awesome day. One of my best days in eons. See, this past weekend, I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was sitting in our living room, reading the paper, when I heard people going into the house next door for some kind of dinner party. I looked at the people […]

Long, Strange Trip

What a long, strange trip it has all been…. Okay, a bit cryptic. But today I’ve been thinking about the past (near past) and the way things stand today with regards to me and my web life. See, back in the day (say 1997, 1998), I was “online friends” with many of the digirati (and […]

Freestuff = Rudeness

Have you ever noticed, the cheaper you sell something for, the ruder the people receiving it are? I’ve noticed it in business and on the Net. In a variety of “free for the taking” newsgroups (aka binaries), I notice some of the rudest, most innane comments directed towards the posters of stuff like, say ebooks. […]

Cheating Fools

I am a guy with a lot of pet peeves. I know this. It makes me unbearable to some, barely tolerable to others, and mildly acceptable to still fewer others. But hey, I got my peeves, and they’re mine. One major pet peeve I have is with people who cheat on their significant others. My […]

Dislocated Shoulder

Well, I am sorry once again folks. It’s been over a month and a half since my last “dailie rantie”. I suck. But there have been events in my life. I guess I should start with the wing. Last Tuesday, I was playing the first game in our volleyball season, and I did a complete […]