Instagram Forgot Their Name


Recently, Facebook-owned Instagram changed how their timeline works, with no regard to how it’s product (that’s us, folks — we’re IG’s product) actually uses the service. They introduced a new “algorithm timeline” claiming to show you posts they assume you care most about. Reality is, it’s done 100% for advertisers to force more ads into […]

New Camera Toy

So I got a new “toy” to replace an old “toy” I sold on eBay. I am an extreme early adopter of a new Pentax Optio s4i digicam. This freakin’ thing is small. Itty small. A while back, I decided to go 100% digital in all my photography, and dropped dime on a dSLR (the Digital Rebel), […]

Mo’ Mobloggin’!

I’m really getting into this whole Mobloggin’ thing… (Mobile Phone Blog)… Shawn over at TextAmerica has this going good, and it’s a fun diversion. Even some famouse folks are using it, incl. Leo Laporte from TechTV, and (watch out Chris, Stroking Ego™ about to take place) Chris Pirillo. Now Shawn and the TA crew have a contest going […]


There’s a new thing happenin’ and it’s called Moblogging. You’ve heard about blogging, right (I talk about it enough here). Well something brand new is moblogging – the act of updating a blog via a smartphone… and in most cases, it’s a visual blog, with photos as the primary focus. You take photos with your […]

Camera Upgrade – Olympus C5050

I don’t know if I wrote about this on Spiffle… but hey. I’ve changed digital cameras again… I went back Oly way (Olympus). Since mid 2000, I’ve been using Nikon Coolpix cameras. A brief forray with the Coolpix 950, then a good time with the 990, and since September, 2002, the Coolpix 4500. The 4500’s […]

Going Quasi-Pro on Digital Videography

After deciding for a month or two on this, I (read: WebMotif, the company I work for) dropped major dime on a thing I can’t possibly call a toy (it’s too expensive): a Canon GL2 3CCD DVcamcorder. Why did we get this DV camera? Well, first, I have a job coming up where I will be […]

Camera Snobbery at Kerrisdale Cameras

I meant to post this a few days ago, but forgot about it. I was reminded today when sharing a “trip to the photo store” story with a fellow shutterbug. I will never shop at Kerrisdale Cameras again. Ever. This store, and especially the Richmond location, has several staff members who have the most uncanny ability to […]