Skinheads Have Jumped Me in the Past

Well, I actually had a rant set up for yesterday, but it got veto’ed by the master of the house. Don’t worry though, my evil twin Spiffy will get the word out soon. Just like millions of other people, I am totally amazed at the pictures streaming down from the Pathfinder mission to Mars. I […]

Playing net.god, Plus Net Thieves Still Suck

I’ve been doing a lot of work for various clients lately, and soon the new work will be done, I’ll have it all up on the web, and I’ll be able to do a few long-waiting changes here and at my other sites. Jean and I went to a midnight showing of Men in Black […]

The Tragically Hip are the Coolest Band Ever

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Hip is the coolest band on the face of the earth. For those of you who don’t know who the Tragically Hip are, well, I feel bad for you. And unfortunately for most Americans, you don’t know who they are because they are a Canadian band with distinct […]

Net Thieves Piss Me Off

(This is a continuation of the story of Ben Brown of FlabJab, who ripped off my design code). Welp, last day for this shit. I wasn’t going to bother writing about the people and the idiots over at a certain second rate collab, but I have to get a few things straight. First of all, […]

My Site Code Gets Stolen

I’ve been ripped off. (2014 edit: this is a post about Ben Brown of CNET, who went on to sell tech and make money; but in 1997, he stole code). I got a fair amount of mail yesterday because of my Monday rant. Most of the mail was supportive. Some of the mail was from […]

Corporal Punishment and Kids These Days

Jeanette and I had a long talk at Benny’s last night about various issues and things in our past. Mainly I talked about my old Grad nights (I had two in HS, one for Grade 12, one for Grade 13), but we also talked about rampant political correctness. And that’s the topic for today. In […]

Donovan Bailey is Really, Really Fast

Well it’s June now, and it’s been some time since I last wrote a rant. Sorry. I’ve been very busy today with a few things, so that’s why this update is very late. I’ve been working on a mock up site for a local clothing designer, and Tuesday, the owners check it out. If they […]

More late night infomercial lunacy

I got my Tony Little Gazelle today from Purolator delivery! I just finished my first workout with it after assembling it (easy), familiarizing myself with it (easy), warming up (gotta get more graceful!) and then doing the 10 minute beginner level exercises. Boy am I outta shape… but you know what? I like the machine. […]

Feeling U2

U2 was my band during the latter 80s and early 90s. I loved U2. I was first in line for their new albums. I was one of those people who slept overnight at the TicketMaster to get the best seats I could for U2 concerts. I loved that band. The first time I saw U2 […]

U2 Gets a Story on this Site – Lucky Them!

Please help me. I’m about to succumb to the Shopping Channel and Tony Little. For the past two days, I’ve been watching snippets of him and his Tony Little Gazelle walker – the one that you “float” on. I’m about to give in, to break down. It looks so damned fun! And if even half […]