More Dukes! And Net Soap Operas

I said it before. This month is going by too fast. It’s weird. Anyway, I am barely over my Dukes of Hazzard Reunion fix from TV last night. Also, I watched Nash Bridges, which seemed more like a Miami Vice meets Cheech and Chong show, since both Tubbs and Chong were on it last night. […]

Dukes! Dukes of Hazzard!

Ever have that kind of day where you feel like sitting and being a vegetable? I’m having that day today. I was going to try and update my company page today, but couldn’t motivate myself. I could barely get myself to update this page. It’s a blah day for sure, and I don’t feel like […]

Boring Rant #223404

Sorry, this is very late today (as if anyone cares!) Anyway, it’s been a very busy day for me. I spent most of it working on other people’s sites, writing up a few new stories, reworking a few others and buying stuff,. I’ll let you know why later this week. It’s been a great weekend […]

Racists really do suck

I purposely kept this section short because I sometimes have tendency to ramble on. That’s why this is called my rumblings section, not ramblings. Remember how long my useless ramblings were? I had to stop it! It was eating up all my time! But today, there’s a lot I want to talk about… I guess […]

Listening to “The End”

I did something today that shows how cool the Net can be. I was listening to Seattle’s The End radio station, via cable, and they were interviewing a singer I knew a net friend from Seattle really liked. So I e-mailed her, and she got to hear it, including a very hip acoustic version of […]

Boring Rant #11232

Welcome to my little spot on the web! Today, I haven’t really written anything new. I was too busy with e-mail. Today, I woke up, did the old S/S/S thing, and checked e-mail… over 230 messages! Hmm. Guess they fixed the e-mail router. But I know I’m still missing messages – some test messages I […]

Relaunch after Huge HD Crash of ’97

Welcome to my slighly weird web place. After surviving the great Hard Drive Crash of ’97, I am now back up to full steam. I’m toying with the idea of adding a chat component. What do you think? Also, a new section has been added, an archive for my old stories. Two days now, without […]

Hard Drive Nearly Destroys My Life, News at 11

Grrr My entire computer system crashed a few days ago. I lost a lot of data, including the entire file system for this here site. It sucks. I wasn’t able to download all the files from my sitehost because I was in the middle of deleting the site and preparing to upload a new version […]

Well This is New

Well this is new. After a couple of years posting long winded, very boring, and highly narrow-casted thoughts and rants in the newsgroup van.general, I decided it was time to do something on the world wide web besides just have a simple “hi, I’m Mark, here’s my likes, my dislikes, my favourite links, and my […]