The Dream of an Urban Farm Stand, Part 1

A hobby of sorts: driving along the country roads of the Vancouver Island Lower Peninsula, stopping and checking out many of the small farm stands we passed by. But not just Vancouver Island. I did it in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, the country roads of upstate Washington, and along the back roads of Oregon […]

British Columbia Restart Plan – COVID-19

Today, the government of British Columbia and the public health authority came out with a definitive restart plan for our province, coming out of the COVID 19 pandemic. I’ve been mostly thankful, and sometimes critical of how things are managed in British Columbia during the global pandemic. I think the authorities had the luck of […]

I am a sucker for late night infomercials

Well I did it. I bought a Tony Little Gazelle. What the hell. It’s got a 60 day money back thingie, so I did it. Laughing starts today, you’re allowed. Today’s been very busy for me. I met with a new client this morning, and this afternoon, I’m busy updating my company page. It should […]