Omega Seamaster: Full Review

Again, I need to emphasise, I am not a watch expert. I am just a long time fan of automatic watches. I have never cracked open the back of a watch to check it out (though I do own two automatics with clear casebacks that let you see what’s goin’ on). With that said… Freshly Bought Thoughts […]

Omega Seamaster Professional – An Overview

This portion of my watch section will focus on some overview style commentary about the Seamaster watch. I’ll talk a bit about the history, some thoughts on the whole James Bond thing, and some personal reflections about Omega. A lot of my research comes from the very fine watch site Chronocentric, home of the Omega Seamaster […]

Omega Seamaster – A Watch Look

Before I even get into this, first I have to establish something: I am not a watch expert. I don’t know much of anything about movements, mechanics, jewels, etc etc, other than maybe a smidge more than the complete layman. All I do know is this… I like automatic watches. I’ve had a fascination for […]