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Sick, Change of Plans

I’ve been sick with the flu for about a week. I’m sort of recovered now, but I have a bad cold still, and can’t seem to shake it. The downside to this is I cannot taste espresso. I’ve scaled back my testing schedule because of it.

I think my company is close to a decision to get out of the web development business… somewhat. We’re not hanging up the Closed sign, but I’m not actively pursuing new web contracts right now. This may change after the SCAA ( show in Boston in late April – I’m giving a seminar called ‘Venturing into eCommerce”, and if there’s a lot of business interest there, we will take on new web dev clients.

So if we’re gettng out of the web dev business, whatupwitdat? Well, I’m thinking about moving from running CoffeeGeek as a “volunteer, all my spare time and then some” job to a full time, salaried job. I have to raise site revenue to do that though – right now the website, for all its popularity, could not support me in my lavish, elitist lifestyle. (there, I said it!).

I’m working on that aspect, including a lot more “mainstream” advertisers like the big coffee chains and such. I may know more by the SCAA show time.

The second thing we’re doing (I think) is we’re going to get into software development for mobile devices. I think this is a growing market, and we’re going to get in on the bleeding edge of new technologies. I think, based on my rants as of late, you can guess the initial  platform we’ll be developing for.

Right now, Wayne is in exploratory mode – he’s working on a Tetris clone and an eBook reader, and we’re still at the point where we’re wondering how viable this is. The first two applications, if released, will be freeware, then we start working on the real meat. I’m working on structuring the new “company”, setting up a web site, registering the domain names (I think we have a good name and domain name for the company, but I won’t let the cat out of the bag until I’ve actually completed the registration). I also will be working on the UI for our applications.

It’s a bit scary, but if we can get revenues to about $4K a month from the new venture, we’ll be in good condition, considering the CoffeeGeek engine is now self-sustaining and hopefully grows from there.



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