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Previous Versions of my Websites!

I initially wrote this way back in 2001; I’m updating it so it’s a more recent post on the new Spiffle website as of 2021.

I’ve been on the Internet since 1994, and I have almost every design, every experiment, every goof, every thought, heck, every little bit of html code I ever generated for my personal sites, my pro sites, friends’ sites, you name it. I’m going to upload a few of them here for you to scope out. Keep in mind, any linkage you may see on these sample pages most likely doesn’t go anywhere.

WriteDesign Websites, 1995-1997

Uh oh. Actually, these ain’t too bad, looking back at them. This is my only remaining copy of my old company’s website (this is the “incomplete” version – I lost the completed version a long time ago), and there’s a lot of surprises in there. Take a look at this Flash intro movie, when Flash didn’t exist yet! (it was called FutureSplash back then). And there’s an alternative design that, looking back on this, I can’t figure out why I didn’t go with it – it’s cleaner, and nicer on the eyes. Many of the buttons and links still function, so go nuts!

The original WriteDesign website, my first “web business”

Yet Another Web Thing, 1997

This is the site that kind of turned the corner for me on the Net. I won awards for it, I had my table effects, something I pretty much invented back in early 1997, copied and stolen 🙂 and this was the first thing I ever created that I was actually interviewed for by a media company (in this case, the defunct “The Net” magazine).

This site was also featured in a book about web design. I went for about a year with this look, then switched over to the next version, listed a few entries below. You can see these table effects here or here.

Yet Another Web Thing – a Screen Capture from

Original CoffeeKid Site, 1998

This site was online for all of 2 weeks. It didn’t have much content. The design really sucked. I hated it. The current site, was designed very quickly, but was about a month in the making – the site I put online for two weeks was one of two designs I did.

I dunno why I picked that one over the current site design. Must be all the tequila.

The original CoffeeKid website, up for all of two weeks.

Spiffle Aborted Frames Version, 1999

This one’s interesting. I’m very much opposed to frames on websites, but in my little html dungeon, I sometimes cooked up framed sites to see how they looked. I guess this one didn’t look too bad. But the old Spiffle concept was past it’s time, and I never did launch this. Unlike some of the other demo sites,

I’ve uploaded everything I had from this “test”, so you can click the buttons up top and see how I made the buttons so they look like they’re pressed down, like cassette player buttons. And uh, ignore what I wrote. 🙂

WebThing, Circa 2000, Flash and DHTML Experiment

This one was just a convolution (is that a word?) of experiments. I was experimenting with DHTML, with the “micro font” look that was popular in 1999 and 2000 (and 2001 as well), and various flash experiements. The scrolling box would be updated via a remote database file (this design was prior to our WIPS engine, and I was going to update files via txt files).

I kind of like it. It is a liquid design, a bit tricky to do with DHTML effects, but you have to reload it to realign the DHTML elements. I could have put a reloader in the BODY tag to save visitors this problem, but hey, this was an experiment.

Yet Another Web Thing, 1997-2000

This was my personal site’s main page for about 3 years. I loved the “Partridge Family” look when I created it, but it got dull after a year or two. Plus the site was a royal pain to update, it was so huge. But this design was generally liked, a lot, and won several Internet Awards, including the Project Cool Site of the Day, Cool Home Sites, Cool Site of the Day and a few other notables. To the right, you can see a pic of my original sketches for the front page. A typical subpage looked like this example – my Stories Section.

Also, I did an abortive experimental update for the site, keeping the look, but doing some 3D bevels. I never launched it. You can check it out here.

A pretty popular website in its day. Designed for 800 pixel screens.

WebMotif Corporate Site, 1998-2001

This was my company’s front page for a couple of years. Again, it was a pretty good site (I think) when it first launched, but it grew pretty stale. Some of the sub pages were pretty cool, I think, and I’ve put up the main company pages for you to scope out if you want.

I also did some flash work, circa 1999, to try and spice up the site. Looking back, they’re a bit scary now, but you can take a look if you want. There was this one, a big burgandy one that is probably too slow on most computers. And there was this segment movie that I intended to build into the existing main page as sort of a self-contained player promo piece.



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