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A Very Cool Day

Today is an awesome day. One of my best days in eons.

See, this past weekend, I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was sitting in our living room, reading the paper, when I heard people going into the house next door for some kind of dinner party. I looked at the people going in, and then I recognized one of them – it was someone I knew from High School but haven’t thought about much for a decade or more – a woman named Lisa Law.

Lisa was a friend of mine – she sat behind me in Mr. Hill’s Gr. 12 geography class, and beside me in one of my history classes. It was at one of her house parties that I met Elyned, my H.S. girlfriend. Heck, it was in the back of Lisa’s car that I had my first kiss with Elyned. 🙂

Lisa went off to Western University and I lost touch with her. I always had this impression she was one of the coolest people I knew in high school though – she seemed to be the smartest of the bunch, a bit above the typical high school politics of the time, kind of like that “wiser, older kid of the same age” thing… in fact, if you’ve seen American Pie, the movie, Lisa was kind of like Jessica from that movie, Natasha Lyonne in real life – you know the person who was the wisest, who everyone went to for answers, etc etc. Except Lisa was prettier. 🙂

Anyway, in my dream, I called her over, and we spent hours reminiscing and stuff. Then in my dream I said goodbye to her as she headed over to the dinner party… and then another old friend of mine Heather Earle came walking up to the neighbour’s house! I called Heather over, and we talked for a while too, until I woke up.

The dream was weird because, while I still think of Heather often (she was a very dear friend), I have to admit I haven’t been thinking about Lisa for ages. It was totally out of the blue.

So when I woke up, I did a google search for both of them. And guess what. I found Lisa! She is now Dr. Lisa Law, and she lives in Singapore, doing very valuable research into the world sex trade, AIDS and other communicable diseases and other super important stuff. Makes my life of drawing pictures tame by comparison :-0

So I wrote her, and today, my inbox had a reply.

Life is VERY GOOD. I’ve found an old friend!

An Update

Another cool day today. Just like the day I wrote about above.

Today, I got an email from Heather, a long time (and long lost) friend of mine.

For those of you who are long time readers of this site (and the predecessor, Yet Another Web Thing), you might recall a mention from time to time about Heather, and my moans and groans about losing touch with her. She was an old friend and confidant of mine from Ottawa, and to this day was someone I had very dear thoughts and rememberances about. She was a genuinely great person, and while I like my move to Vancouver and how my life turned out, I lost out on somethings – including my friendship with Heather.

Today I got an email from her! Woooo Hooo! In my previous rant, I wrote about the dream I had about Lisa Law and Heather, and my newest search to find them. Finding Lisa turned out to be relatively easy – it’s easy to find someone who’s established a role of prominence and is a Doctor and has written a book and all that jazz. My search for Heather online turned up one thing – a photo at a Canadian govt website that showed her standing in the middle of a group of folks. No email, no other info. So I found the email address for the head of the department she’s in and tried my luck, sending off what was probably a very strange email to this person requesting that she forward my message on to Heather if she still worked in the same department.

That was two weeks ago. No response, so last night I sent the email again. Today… email from Heather!

I’m thrilled beyond explanation.



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