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Beautiful Machine and Mum Update

I’ve said it before in other venues, but man, am I happy Elektra is a company that exists in the world of coffee and espresso.

I mean, talke a look at the photo to the right (you can click it to enlarge the picture). Is that a work of art, or what? That there is the Micro Casa Semi Automatica, from Elektra. A real work of art, and a functioning one at that. This is a pump driven espresso machine. Most of the machinery is quite visible but it’s all polished and shiny. This belongs in a museum, but for the next few months, it is sitting on my countertop, how cool is that?

I spent the evening sweating like a peeg under hot lights as I photographed five different products for upcoming product reviews, first looks, and other articles. I have a tungstun light setup which is great, but man, does it get hot. I was so hot that sweat was dripping on the machines as I positioned them. Hrmm, maybe that’s a good way to lose weight! 🙂

Mom update

A couple of you have been very kind to me in emails and in here, expressing your well wishes and thoughts about my Mom and her bought with cancer. It’s appreciated more than you know. Just a short update here. She’s trying her best to be optimistic, and I’m trying my best to be optimistic for her. They will be testing her platelet count on a week to week basis, while commencing chemo again. I’m not sure I understand that. They haven’t done anything to help boost her platelet count, or offered any recommendations or advice, yet they are pushing chemo, which further reduces platelet counts. We’re looking into this.



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