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Cheating Fools

I am a guy with a lot of pet peeves. I know this. It makes me unbearable to some, barely tolerable to others, and mildly acceptable to still fewer others. But hey, I got my peeves, and they’re mine.

One major pet peeve I have is with people who cheat on their significant others. My attitude towards this is fairly straightforward – if you’re in a sucky relationship or you want something other than you’re getting at home, then LEAVE THE FREAKIN’ relationship! Don’t be some lying bastard weasel (or weasellete) and try to have your cake and eat it too. I have pretty close to zero respect for anyone who does this, regardless of what their marriage / partnership is like. If your boyfriend’s a jerk, LEAVE HIM, don’t just sleep around on him. If you wife is a pain the ass and giving you serious misgivings about the marriage, LEAVE HER, don’t just sneak around behind her back.

What brings this up, you may ask? Nothing in my personal life. Here’s the deal, without getting too specific: I like listening to this radio talk show, and I used to participate in the live chat that went with the show every day. There are two people in this IRC chat room, regulars to the chat, who have a serious thing for each other. Now that’s cool normally. I’m not a big fan of cyberrelationships, cybersex, etc etc, but hey, what others do to get their jollies off is their biz.

Except when one of the two is married. To someone oblivious to what’s been going on for probably close to 2 years now.

Even so, I normally wouldn’t bring it up or let it bother me, but the two folks in question actually flaunt their online luv affair. So much so that they staged a rather comical (but serious to them) “chat room marriage” some time back – about a year ago in fact.

Okay, so still, this normally wouldn’t get my dander up or cause me to write a rant on it. But something happened recently. These two folks were getting so kissy kissy in a public chat room one day, I kinda lost it and called him a pussy for not going DOWN to the US to sweep “the love of his life” off her feet, and called her a weasel for doing this behind her husband’s back. And I’d appreciate it if they toned it down a bit, and stopped showing how much luser grade they have in them. Then I dropped the subject.

About a week or two later (about 8 days ago), one of the two came back into chat after a haitus, and started laying a guilt trip on me on how I made chat unfun for her and that she was so pissed at me, and who the hell was I to say these things, and yada yada yada. Meanwhile, she’s cheating on her husband. Yeah, high moral ground to talk from. When it comes to the cheating issue, I don’t care if the hubby is abusive, or boring, or never home or what have you. Wait, lemme rephrase that – I DO care if the husband is abusive – that’s not right – the guy should have his penis cut off…. but I still don’t see the “answer” as being “cheat on the guy”. The answer is LEAVE the guy. Bring charges against him! If you’re just going to weasel around on the guy, you don’t get any respect from me, and my sympathy for your situation took a big downturn.

So anyway, because of all this melee, I decided to stop participating in the IRC sessions. I kinda miss them because its basically the only time during my day I can let a little adolescent streak run wild, but hey, I’ll get over it. I too have to live with my own pet peeves.

Till next time…



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