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Monkey Suit Shines

I had to go out and buy a suit yesterday.

I’m not a suit person. I don’t have the build for it, and I can never find a suit that looks good on me. Yesterday was no different.

I’m flying to Ottawa tomorrow morning for my brother’s wedding this weekend. So that means I’m preparing for the invariable “comments” from the relatives. Comments like

  • Gee Mark, you look like your dad!
  • So, when are the two of you getting hitched?
  • Hey, why don’t you write more often
  • Gee Mark, you look like your dad!
  • Huh huh huh, put on a few there, Mark!
  • Come give your auntie a kiss.
  • Respect your elders
  • Gee Mark, you look like your dad!

In the good news department, I’m also hooking up with a few friends, including a long lost one, Heather Earle (long time readers of this site and Yet Another Web Thing know I lost touch with her for some time, but recently found her again). That I’m looking forward to with with a lot of anticipation, but also with some reservations… nervousness. I also hope to find a few other old friends while I’m there.

Anyway, I hate flying. And that makes two long flights in one month for me. Sigh.



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