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Mum and Surgery

Monday, my Mom goes under the knife. Some 7.000 kms away from where I live.

I’m not going to be very productive Monday. I’m really worried about her.

I’m not religious – I’m agnostic, a lapsed catholic, bordering on atheist. But I do believe in a couple of things. One is the power of vibes. Good vibes, bad vibes, the works. I have a friend who, even though this person is nice and I wish nothing but the best for them… this friend constantly puts off bad vibes. Bad things happen to this person, and sometimes to me and Jeanette when the person is putting off those bad vibes.

So from now to Monday and beyond, I’m going to work on sending my best thoughts and wishes, my best “vibes” some 7,000kms east to my Mom.

She is Catholic and does believe in, and pray to God, so if anyone says a prayer for her, I’m sure she will appreciate it, and know about it.



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