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Mum Update – No Surgery

An update, for those who want to know…

It’s not looking very good. My Mom didn’t go under the knife today. Her platelet count is too low, and the halted the commencement of the surgery because of this. They didn’t present her with much options either… basically “go home, we’ll check on a week to week basis, and if your count goes up, we may reschedule”. In other words, the cancer continues to do its stuff, and the doctors go “well, whaddayagonnado”.

The doctor also started talking about stuff that can give chills. Like the quote “quality of life”. Those who have seen cancer in their families are all too familiar with this term.

What disturbs me is that she was not (apparently) presented with options for jacking up the platelet count. I’ve found online references to injections, diet changes, etc. They didn’t tell her shit.

Sometimes, I wonder about doctors.



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