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Weddings and Old Friends

Hey, I’m in Ottawa as I write this, connecting wirelessly thanks to Fido GPRS.

Heather Earle

I had one of the best days I’ve had in a long, long time yesterday. Jeanette and I spent the evening with an old and dear friend of mine that I haven’t seen for some 7+ years: Heather Earle. We went out for an evening of food and (way to many) drinks last night with Heather and her boyfriend Eric, and man, it was just so damned good to catch up with her.

Heather’s always been like a younger sister to me. At least that’s how I view her. And after all this time, last night I remember why I counted her as such a good friend – we have so much in common. If it were possible, I’d ask Heather to be my “Best Man” at my wedding. 🙂

I mean, think about this… she matched me drink for drink last night – some 8 full pints and 3 shooters. I was drunk as a skunk. She seemed as if she could handle another round or two, and still look gorgeous doing it, while I’d be retching in a ditch. I’m such a lightweight these days.

Today, I am prepping for my brother’s wedding (which is the reason why Jean and I are in Ottawa). I am looking forward to that as well, but last night was the definite highlight of the trip for me… hell, it was the highlight of my last few years. As much as I enjoyed the coffee geek trip to the SCAA conference in Anaheim two weeks ago, that doesn’t even come close.

Man, I miss her already. Now I have to move on to secret plan #2: Convince Heather and Eric to move to Vancouver 🙂



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