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Spiffle! a VanIsle Blog

started in 1997, abandoned in 2012, reborn in 2021
bringing a bit of that 1997 flavour to 2021 design and tech.

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If you like cooking with sunflower oil as much as I do, you should consider stocking up on it, and soon.

Stop paying $1 a litre for club soda, and more than 50 cents a liter to sodastream; discover home soda making for less than 2 cents a litre.

British Columbia is bringing in a Vaccine Passport system for the province. It’s not perfect (it doesn’t include outdoor ticketed sports events, even those with …

Way back in 1997, long, long before HTML5, Ajax, DHTML, long before any kind of advanced javascript, and at the dawn of CSS (introduced in …

Anyone out there remember moblogs? It was a new service in 2003 provided by a company called TextAmerica that allowed you to upload, directly from …

We do things a bit differently here at Spiffle! Where most blogs about food go into a long, rambly personal history with the product or …