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Changing up my Twitter (Again)

Donald Trump.

That’s the only time I’ll mention his name in this article. I refer to him almost exclusively online as “45”, or SCROTUS (So Called Ruler of the United States), or circus clown (🤡) (ed.note 2021 – I only refer to him online as clown since 2017). I do that out of complete disrespect.

Since November (and some time before that), the majority of my tweets under the @coffeegeek handle on Twitter have been about 45. Specifically about warning about how dangerous this man is to the planet. How he is a textbook, case study sociopath, and there has never been a case of a “good” sociopathic leader of a major country in our entire history. How the man is a pathological liar, a person of extreme low intelligence, and how he has never escaped the mental acuity of adolescence. I don’t just state these things, but provide examples, often using SCROTUS’ own words, to show the case for these things.

I feel it is every sane and rational person’s solemn duty to do what they can to end this man’s reign of power — and I include myself in that. I feel it’s my duty with words to help people remember their history, because those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it. 45 is about 65% of the way towards full on fascism in the historical sense. I don’t want to be one of those who sat on the sidelines and said nothing about the evil that this man is, and the evil this man can do. Whatever can be done to remove him from his office, through impeachment, has to be done. We all have to speak up and let our voices be heard.

Also, I hold degrees in Political Science and History, both specialising in 20th century polisci and historical events. As a occasional political scientist and historian, I have some qualifications based on study and observation that allow me to share specific opinions and facts with regards to 45 and the events of the 20th century, especially in Italy in the 1920s and Germany in the 1930s.

But with that said, I’ve heard from you — a good number of my followers on twitter — about how you come to my twitter account expecting to read coffee related items. Many of you agree with me with regards to 45, but some have expressed a need for escape from all the shit pile that is SCROTUS, and people like me on Twitter, known for covering one specialty area (in my case, specialty coffee) should provide that escape, even if for a brief moment. But you dial into my Twitter feed and see 45 this, SCROTUS that, etc etc. and you don’t get that escape.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. A few years back, I wrote an article on who I am and how I use Twitter; in many ways I’ve held true to that screed, but in the past four months, it’s become increasingly political, and decreasingly coffee related.

So while I can’t make a definitive promise, I’ve decided to change how I use Twitter, and go back to almost exclusively coffee related posts. If I can do 100% coffee I will, but my goal is to make my social media discussions at least 90 to 95% coffee, and, with very exceptional reasons, no more SCROTUS/45 talk on my main twitter account. It’s going to be hard for me though; since I see it as everyone’s sane duty to do what they can to resist and disrupt 45, I feel the urge to use my reach to over 20,000 people to do just that. But as I said, you’ve spoken, and I’ll make some changes.

I will move most if not all my political and non-coffee commentary to my non Coffee Twitter account, @CoffeeGeeker; if you still want to stay engaged with me on subjects other than coffee (and especially political and historical talk), please consider following me over on that account (sidenote, I do a lot more follow-backs on that account than I do on my main one). I used to have the account marked private, but recently opened it up to public viewing.

Also, I have two Instagram Accounts: one is exclusively for coffee, and one is for all my other photos (and surprisingly, not much political commentary!). If you want to engage with me on social media in other venues and other interests, check both of those out.

CoffeeGeek, my main Twitter account, will go almost exclusively coffee from this moment on, and my first step is going through my recent history and purging most, if not all, my non-coffee related posts.

Now, if something exceptional happens; if some major tragic event takes place, some joyous event happens, or if 45 is impeached and removed from office, I’ll probably be broadcasting it loud and (in the case of 45’s fall from grace) proud from my main Twitter account where I have the most engagement with others. But for day to day, it’s back to the coffee. I hope it’s not too boring for some of you who actually do like my broad spectrum of topics, but for many others, that’s all they want from me: just about the coffee.



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