Boring Rant #11232

Welcome to my little spot on the web! Today, I haven’t really written anything new. I was too busy with e-mail.

Today, I woke up, did the old S/S/S thing, and checked e-mail… over 230 messages! Hmm. Guess they fixed the e-mail router. But I know I’m still missing messages – some test messages I sent myself aren’t there. I hate e-mail problems.

Lessee… what’s up for today. Well, I have to work on a few images, fix a few pages for a client… basically I’m bored to hell. I need something to do, so tell you what. If you’re someone I know, and you need some small thing done for your web page, then write to me, tell me what you need, and if I can do it, I will, but just today!

Well, it’s been a rather shitty day, all things considered. First, a client backed out of a project. Second, I had to wade through 230 e-mails today, including over 15 spams. Third, I lost on several of my e-mail chats, I guess folks are too busy during the week! And fourth, I’m coming down with a bad cold. Oh well.

Short thought for the day. When you’re paid to be creative, sometimes one of the most difficult things to do is be creative. I have one project where I have to create a logo, and for the last 4 days, my mind has been blank when it comes to creating this damned thing. I haven’t a clue what I want to do with it. Oh well (again!)



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