Boring Rant #223404

Sorry, this is very late today (as if anyone cares!) Anyway, it’s been a very busy day for me. I spent most of it working on other people’s sites, writing up a few new stories, reworking a few others and buying stuff,. I’ll let you know why later this week.

It’s been a great weekend for me, overall. I got some e-mail from the incredible Drue yesterday, and a fair amount of e-mail from new people, which always makes my day. I also have a line on a new job, so that makes me happy. I finished up my story for OLIO, which will go live sometime next week or the week after. And today, I went shopping for a new guitar, and I spent all afternoon with the boys, The Hip! Hoo boy… ok, it was a good weekend for me, maybe not you!



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