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I go away for three days, and yet another WebOpera erupts… except this time, I’m not involved, I’m not part of it, and heck, I don’t even know the real details! But I think I can narrate… I think I can!

Lessee what I can surmise. Well, first of all, there’s this webtroll, ya see, who apparently likes to write trolling letters to people to get a rise outta them. That much I know. And I’m pretty sure this troll is a person who… you know – those extremely lame types who like to invent new ways of writing their names, like Kahrinnn or Synndiee… they do this, of course, to piss their parents off or something.

So the troll is the person with the rather idiotic name spelling. Remember, I’m just guessing here. So anyway, as the web spins, this troll, who failed, presumably, to get a rise outta my web bud Zannah, decides to go to a message board frequented far too much by a few people, and forge a post from buddyZannah. The forged post at Elly’s Schwag board (check the archived schwag) made people think that Zannah said a couple of people are lame… Personally, I think both the people mentioned in the forged post are very lame, but hey, that’s just me.

So then, poor buddyZannah (apparently) gets gobs of flame mail from a buncha regulars from the board, all incensed-like. I bet one of those precious souls prolly tried to put her on some mailing list too… what an original idea… oh well, if they did, I assume Z remembered what I told her about fixing that problem toute suite.

Then, I’m guessing, poor Z had to first figure out what the heck was going on, then respond to all the flames, track down the person who forged the mail, (remember the troll with the goofy name?). And in the meantime, Z gets mildly and harshly flamed in the above mentioned message board. Heh… don’t sweat it Z. Elly may have a cool site (often copied, never duplicated), and may be one of the few unique people around the net these days (even though she played a mean game on me once, I rate her near Lance), but getting flamed on the schwag board is like spilling coffee on the newspaper – no big whoop.

Now, reading Zannah’s latest Today rant, from Monday, she explains more details about this little episode… apparently the webtroll has been fingered, has been exposed, but is unrepentant. Personally, I think Z went about it all wrong. I think she should have not even bothered to write the troll, but to instead post her logs (her “proof” of the forgery) and simply expose the troll for what it was on her Today page. But again, hey, that’s me.

Garsh…. all this excitement, and here I was, in the Kootenays all weekend… and I get home after a very hot and tiring 9 hour nonstop drive through the Kootenays, the Okanagan etc., and I read all of this… and I had to sit back and laugh. But ironically, I laughed at myself as much as I laughed at the participants in this thing. Why? Because I let some of these lamos drag me into this exact same thing a while back. Not the troll of course, but then again, the troll could be using a pseudonym…

But ferget it – no more. I got no more time for insignificants in my active life. But heck, while I won’t participate, I sure do like to watch!

Oh, in other news… I wanted to write my entire rant on this, but darnit all, the opera took precedence. Anyway, we went to Castlegar this past weekend for Jean’s 10 year high school thingie, and we took the lil’ Tracker off road on some fire trails and jeep trails. It was pretty funny… I’ll write the full story tomorrow. I even got pictures, but I’ll have to wait till I develop them and scan them. I’m way too uncool to have a webcam or a digital camera!



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