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Hard Drive Nearly Destroys My Life, News at 11


My entire computer system crashed a few days ago. I lost a lot of data, including the entire file system for this here site. It sucks.

I wasn’t able to download all the files from my sitehost because I was in the middle of deleting the site and preparing to upload a new version of this website. I also lost all my archived things, some stories I’ve been working on, and the new design I was building. It really sucks.

So sorry I’ve been gone for the past few days, I’ll be updating again each day, now that the 24 hour marathon of reloading everything into my computer is done. Meantime, I’m going to start using my tape system backup more often, even though its a bit of a pain, and I’m gonna get me a Syjet drive within a month. I’ve learned my lesson – hard drive backups are crucial, and they have to be done at the weekly, if not daily. Sigh.



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