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More Dukes! And Net Soap Operas

I said it before. This month is going by too fast. It’s weird. Anyway, I am barely over my Dukes of Hazzard Reunion fix from TV last night. Also, I watched Nash Bridges, which seemed more like a Miami Vice meets Cheech and Chong show, since both Tubbs and Chong were on it last night.

I’ve been noticing lately that the Internet is just like a soap opera. I was witness to several rather childish fights over the past week (thankfully, I wasn’t part of them this time around), On of my online acquaintances felt that he was the victim of some pretty harsh accusations, and he took his fight to the web, to newsgroups, and to e-mail. He even went so far as to cc: all his mail to his accuser to all his other online friends. I found the whole thing laughable, especially considering that the topic of the argument was insignificant and easily forgettable (I’ve already forgotten it). As the Net Turns, eh?



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