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Net Thieves Piss Me Off

(This is a continuation of the story of Ben Brown of FlabJab, who ripped off my design code).

Welp, last day for this shit. I wasn’t going to bother writing about the people and the idiots over at a certain second rate collab, but I have to get a few things straight.

First of all, the person I actually accused of stealing my stuff, Joanna, has made a sincere effort to “clear the air”. I have to credit her with the attempt. She didn’t apologise to me, mainly because she’s so pissed off at my harsh words, but she did admit she used some of my code, and that she feels all of this would have been for naught if a couple of well placed and thought out emails happened. So I’ll say it here – I still think what Joanna has done is wrong, but at least she as the balls to try to solve the problem civily, something I wasn’t even willing to do. So for that, thanks Joanna.

And as for Ben, the champion second rate collab owner. Well, let me get you up to speed on his little tricks today. First, I had to deal with dozens and dozens of emails in my mailbox waiting. It seems some child thought it “cool” to subscribe my email address to a bunch of listservs. Not a real problem mind you – I simply set up a filter to bounce back any listsever address with a message “unsubscribe”. He also spent a lot of his otherwise useless time building more “parody” pages of my site. But he didn’t stop with insulting me. Nope – he started insulting Jeanette and my other friends. Yep, this lad is going places for sure. I’ve got a nice copy of all his pages, and I’m sure that, whenever Ben gets a real job, his future employer might like looking at the slanderous crap he dishes out.

But that wasn’t enough for youthful Ben. He got his little circle of geek friends to send me various email hints and threats. A couple of them talked about some circle of “hackers” that they belong to, all ready to swoop down onto my site, my server, and my mail and do their damage.

Phunny thing is, hackerwannabe Tim (just one of the lamers) who was the most vocal in his threats, sent the email from his normal server, with headers all attached. I even got a hold of his ping address from my logs on my site. And, I noticed that hackerTim was still running Netscape 4.0 – the one susceptible to the Denmark Bug.(4.01 fixes that) – I know where there’s a program on the net that lets me exploit that. I could have used it, grabbed hackerwannabeTim’s autoexec.bat file, added the line FORMAT C:/Y and he would have been fucked. But, I decided not to. I would simply be sinking to their level.

Heh. Their level. This hackerwannabe doesn’t even know enough to use a remailer when issuing his threats. I hope his ISP shuts his account down. And if they don’t. Well, I’m not a hacker myself, but I know a few who could be called “hackers”. They wouldn’t do me a favor if I simply asked, but one thing they don’t like is some hackerwannabe bragging about his skills. Sending off Tim’s email to them would make their day.

Oh. One other thing. It’s getting to the stage now where youthfulBen is telling his buddies that I said all of his lame collab site is ripped off. I never said that, and I dare any of them to point me to that. Only page (other than the lame parody) is my code – the join page, and since it’s still up when Ben knows it’s (at least partly) my work – he’s a thief.

Ahh well. Barring Ben’s show of balls if he comes up here to confront me, this is the last you’ll hear about these losers. Their two bit site enjoyed a rise in hitcounts because of this crap, but that’s all they’re going to get from me. Someone once told me the best revenge you can have on someone is living well. Well, last night Jean made me an excellent roast beef dinner, we spent a great evening together. Today, I sat outside in the courtyard, reading the paper with the sun shining down, talked to some of my neighbours, went to Benny’s for a coffee, then came back here to write this and get to work. Yowsa. I feel better already.

In other stuff, yesterday was Canada Day, and I wanted to go to the Hip concert at UBC, but damnit, it rained most of the day. The Hip’s Another Roadside Attraction tour is like Lollapalloza, but without the commericalist ego tripping gen-x feeling. I’ve been to it three times now – and it rocks. The Hip has got to be one of the best bands I’ve ever seen. Gord Downie, the frontman, has this Jim Morrision-esque thing happening on the stage, and you never quite know when he’s going to explode. Gordo and the rest of the Hipsters always put on a good show, but going in the pouring rain wouldn’t have been much fun for me.

My secret project, the one most of you know about, is sort of on hold while I work out my paying work. I have 5 clients on the go right now, and they come first, but the secret project waits in the background and will come about soon. As for content here. I know I’ve been bad – I haven’t been upping things much lately. But partially, that’s your fault – all of you who exchange email with me. I get the feeling all you want to do is read this daily rant and enjoy the webopera that is my life. I need some real feedback from you folks letting me know if you want more stories. Right now, I’m working on a few different projects for two different sites, writing wise, but I also have a backlog of writing material that could be webbified for your digestion.

And in other news, Jean keeps playing Minion, and she keeps beating me. She’s addicted now to the game, and some of you may well know using Minion is cheating! But I don’t mind. She can keep her skill level pretty much the same, as mine increases – it has to increase if you’re using Thumper or Spectre against Minion all the time. All part of my secret plan… muhahahahaha.

And Jean is still living the life of Cornholio…. yes, it looks like it’s going to be that kind of week again.

(note, any links mentioned no longer exist)



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